This site is based mainly on horses and ponies.

You may be on the search for a special equine gift or just be visiting and want to browse out of curiosity; whichever trail you took to get here, I hope you enjoy the art you find.

This site is put together with and consists of, fourteen years worth of original creations.  

I am constantly adding more pendants that I come across in my files. You will see an occasional dog or other animal here and there, but not many. The world of equines has always been one of my biggest passions and is this sites main topic. Along with the pendants I also do sculpture, ACEO cards, wood carving and other stuff, you just never know what will be created out of what. As of right now, I do not have a cart enabled and there are some other things that will be coming in time. I am hoping to add a drag and drop option for the repaint section….but I am not a computer guru – so that part could take a while.

You may email in regards to the availability of First Run Pendants.

about pavilionpony jewelry

Pavilionpony jewelry begins with Nature itself and is created from natural, authentic deer antler.

Fifteen years ago, I tripped over that darn bucket.

Since then I have been creating and painting these miniature works of wearable art. Some folks purchase these casually for gifts and others collect them. I believe the collectors will be pleased with the changes for 2015 giving each pendant a more identifying mark compared to just a signature. Some of these pendant have even found their way to Australia, Great Britain, Norway – even Russia.

Naturally shaped pendants are all different- not just ‘a little different’, but comparable to that of a snowflake – as no two can ever be the same. A deers antlers are very unique to each individual deer. Antler growth depends greatly upon a deers genetics, habitat and diet. 

first run available


First Run Pendants are the first pendants offered of a particular design.



Authentic Antler Art

As you browse this site, you may come across one or more pendant(s) that stand out to you. A close Repaint of select pendants may be requested. $39.00. 

Any repaint (whether it is a requested pendant or not) will be marked on the back with an RP. Not all pendants will be available later as a repaint. This will keep some of the First Run pendants more collectable for those of you that are collectors.


custom orders

Fergus Custom Order

Custom Orders from photos are also available and will now be marked with a CM.


Custom Orders will not be available as Repaints and will remain the only one of their kind.

crescent pendants

appaloosaCrescent Pendants are the rarest of any pavilionpony jewelry.


They take twice the amount of time to make and are only available during certain months of the year. 

the oldies

There are some older images mixed into the site (pre 2007/2008).

  Some photos will have better quality vs. others. Take a trail ride through the Early Days Pendants, you may possibly even have one of these! I would love to hear from you if have one of these pendants. The quality of the pendants and the art have come a ways since the creation of the first one, but even the older ones are fun to look through!

Proudly Using Windsor Paints & Brushes

Proudly Using Quality Windsor Paints

enjoy the ride


From your beloved childhood pony or horse to the whimsical world of the beloved Pegasus, these pendants can be anywhere from casual to extravagant. Birthdays, Valentines, Christmas or simply just because, they are special keepsakes for special people – including yourself! Can’t wait for a Custom or Repaint? Search pendants that are in stock and available for shipping right away. 

 You simply cannot go wrong with these pendants for that unique, one of a kind gift for the horse lover!