The Crescent Pendants are a very unique pavilionpony pendant, offering originality at its finest.

These particular pieces are shaped by hand from select sections of the antler. The colors can range from almost white to a dark grey with brown flecks and many color variations in between.

Crescent Pendants take twice the time to make as the other pendants, therefore you will not see as many of them compared to the others. These pendants measure approximately 3.0-3.5″ across with the centers measuring approximately 1/2″ from top to bottom.

 appaloosa_horse_crescent_jewelry  draft_horse_pendant_crescent_jewelry_art_painting_antler
herd_of_horses_pinto_paint_buckskin_miniature_art_painting_pendant_bone_deer_antler triple_pinto_horse_crescent_pendant_original_miniature_painting_jewelry_art
norwegian fjord_horse_pendant_antler_art driving_norwegian fjord_horse_pendant
 norwegian_fjord_horse_pair_antler_pendant_art_miniature_painting  grey_buckskin_brown_horse_jewelry


Repaints of the Crescent Pendants are accepted, unless they are in the Custom Order Showcase.

Custom Orders are available as well in the Crescent Pendants. Custom Orders from photos are 95.00 and includes up to three horses per Crescent Pendant.