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Are highly detailed miniature paintings from photos -very unique gifts that any horse person is sure to treasure. Whether a currently owned horse or a special past four legged friend that you or someone you know still holds very dear to their hearts, these special memorandums are a quiet reminder of a very special bond that can be shared between a person and a horse. As of February 1, 2015 along with the signature a CM will be included so it can be identified as a pavilionpony Custom

Below are examples of previous Custom Orders and the quality of the pendants and the quality of the artwork you can expect when receiving yours. There are a few scans in here that are not of high quality as they were done several years ago, but were custom orders that I really wanted to add to the site. Not all custom orders are shown.

Upon completion of your pendant, you will receive a scan of the product. Changes, if any, can be made at this time. The scan you receive will show the pendant without the sealer. Colors will ‘pop’ when the sealer is applied.  

Custom Orders are not available as Repaints and will remain the only one of their kind. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion of your order. If you need it sooner than this time frame, please let me know when you place your order.

custom_horse_jewelry_miniature_painting_art haflinger_horse_custom_order_personalized_pendant_jewelry grey_flea_bitten_arabian_horse_pendant_custom_art custom_order_horse_miniature_painting_art_antler_bone_pendant
personalized_buckskin_horse_jewelry_pendant_custom_painting_art_pendant_antler_bone custom_pendant_gift_horse_foal_fire_bone_pendant_antler_miniature_painting_art gypsy vanner_filly_black_white_horse_art_antler_jewelry_pendant arabian_flea_bitten_horse_custom_art_pendant_jewelry_antler_bone_miniature_painting
black_morgan_horse_custom_jewelry custom_painting_horse_pendant personalized_horse_jewelry advantix_custom_order_personalized_horse_pendant_jewelry_bone_antler
palomino personalized_horse_jewelry_custom_painting_art_pendant_antler_bone custom_pendant_donkey_painting_miniature_art_jewelry_bone_antler custom_horse_painting_pendant_antler_miniature_art
custom_personalized_jewelry_pendant_buckskin_horse_art welsh_cob_pony_horse belgian_draft_horse_jewelry custom_painting_donkey_equine_art_miniature


EDGE COLORS Solid Black Gold Silver Natural


RING COLOR Gold Silver


Single Customs (One horse, one side): $49.00 Double Customs (Two horses, one side): $65.00 Double Custom Opposite (Two horses, opposite sides): $79.00

What you will need to provide to start your order:


Your choices on the above options, and:

At least two clear pictures (head and neck shots). If the horse has a blaze or other markings on the face and they are covered in the photo by a halter, please send one without the halter as well.

Please send your Custom Order Request to: