First Run Pendants


The first pendants offered of a particular design.

Repaints of these pendants do not become available until the First Runs located on this page are sold. First Run Pendants are almost always auctioned. You can find my auctions on eBay by my username, pavilionpony. Not all pendants will be offered as Repaints, so if you see a First Run pendant that strikes your fancy, you may want to consider purchasing it as the antler shapes cannot be duplicated and the paintings will never be exactly the same. As of February 1, 2015, located on the front or on the back of each pendant there will be an FR for First Run or an RP for Repaint. First Run Pendant prices vary according to the size of the piece and the fancifulness of the edges. There are usually a few First Run Pendants available at most given times. The sold pieces will remain on this page for a limited time and then moved to the Repaint section of the site.