That darn bucket sat in my barn for two years – I walked by it several times a day. I moved that bucket more times than I can remember. I didn’t give it too much thought, other than when it was in my way and I had to move it again. 

Treading through two feet of freshly fallen Michigan snow, I headed for the barn to do the morning chores. The wind appeared angry as it whipped inside the door behind me, immediately beginning to cover the barn floor with cold, wet snow. I could hear the horses greeting me with their soft nickers, as they did each morning.

Without warning…Crash! Cabang! Caboom!… before I knew it I was on the barn floor…I believe that darn bucket saw me coming. I remember thinking, “How could I have tripped over that bucket?”.

I looked around at the big mess that I had somehow clumsily created. To my surprise there was not only grain everywhere – but deer antlers! They lay where they had fallen, silently showing me their beauty. I leaned over and picked one up, examining it. Grown purely and perfectly by nature itself, each one was so unique – like snowflakes. They were differently colored and shaped. Some were smooth, some were quite bumpy. Some dark, some light. What was on the inside?… Where they the same? What color where they? What a surprise they held in store for me! Some so perfectly and solidly colored, yet others displayed color variations of greys, browns and yellows.  Small, natural holes were another quiet surprise some held for me– making for some very interesting, natural designs.  

I must admit this is not a clean job. It is, in fact, something most people would never even consider doing – just my style! Not all antler meets my standards for becoming a pendant. Every pendant goes through a strict and lengthy process before they are painted; some do not make it to the painting stage.   

Extreme safety precautions must also be taken during several steps of a pendant’s creation. It helps to be ambidextrous – how I create the pendants would be nearly impossible if I were not.   I still have that darn bucket.  It is blue, with whitetail deer on it. Thanks dad. :) I am always in search of new ideas and things to try with artwork. If you have any suggestions or are looking for something you just can’t seem to find, please email me. I am always up for an artwork challenge!